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Welcome to The Sensory Shop

The Sensory Shop was founded by parents that have a daughter with special needs. We provide specially selected toys that target all areas of childhood development, keeping in mind that all children need toys that are fun, safe, and educational. The Sensory Shop offers toys that have already been tried and approved by trusted therapists, medical professionals, teachers, and parents of special needs children. We believe at children of any ability and age can benefit from purposeful-toys.

We ship domestically and internationally and provide different shipping options to meet your needs. We also accept school purchase orders. Please contact us for assistance. 

Our retail store features a state-of-the-art sensory play area and sensory-friendly lighting and decor. The Sensory Shop also carries a full line of specialty toys for all children, making it full-service toy store. From story time to special visitors, The Sensory Shop provides fun for the whole family. At The Sensory Shop, all children are special!